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They claim that their ancestors made up of 72 Jewish Christian families from around Baghdad, Nineveh, and Jerusalem came to India under the leadership of one Thomas of Cana (the place where Jesus turned water into wine), a blood-relative of Jesus.

You can engage in a wide selection of activities like Canoeing & Kayaking, fishing, cooking experiements and much more.

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The living area and bedrooms have a beautiful wooden ceiling with glass windows facing backwaters to view the scenes of backwaters directly from the window.

The Jews Street and Chinese fishing nets are a must see.

After several years of work in Malabar, the Apostle went to the Coromandel Coast (East Coast) where he was assassinated by irate Brahmins (or by a hunter) in 72 A. This tradition along with many others legends is found in ancient Christian songs (seventeenth century and later) like the Veeradian Pattu, Thomma Parvom, and Margom Kali Pattu. Thomas, an apocryphal work by the Syrian Bardesan (220 A. The early Christians were probably from the Jewish community, and the mainstream of the St.

D.) also mentions the missionary work and martyrdom of St. There is no historical evidence -for the missionary work of St. Thomas Christians are most likely composed of Munda-Dravidian converts and of Jewish converts, but not of Brahmins. Thomas Chris^tens fled west across the Western Ghats in the sixth and seventh centuries, carry-ing with them their religious traditions except the tomb of St. The Portuguese records of the sixteenth century say that the St.

For the first two hours, we will take you through some of the beautiful backwater attractions of Alleppey.