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Kierston wareing dating

Liam's young sister Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) receives an MP3 player from Ali, so Liam tells Bianca and shows her the text message.

Not only is he a nice, eligible fella who's clearly interested in her, but they share a deep bond through having both experienced the agony of losing a child." The gang first appear running from the tube station, having evaded their fare.

The first character to be announced was Dexter Hartman, the teenage son of Ava Hartman. Steve Lowe, Bianca Butcher's probation officer and a love interest for Carol Jackson, arrived as a recurring character in February, and in March, Kane and his gang appeared for a storyline involving Liam Butcher. Kirsty Branning's ex-boyfriend Carl White joined the show in June.

Two short-term characters, Betty Spragg, and Ollie Walters, arrived in July.

Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) tells Bianca that the police think the mugging was done by a known gang from an estate where a shooting took place recently.