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Segel and several members of the cast remembered that moment during the party all those years ago. It was revealed that the network didn't want to air "Kim Kelly Is My Friend," and Samm Levine shared that the episode instead was broadcast on Fox Family Channel. Several panelists reminisced about being on the set with Franco, who they said constantly carried around heavy books like Proust and.

We didn't know what the hell they were talking about." template, so not long after shooting the pilot, Franco, who played the offkilter but charming Daniel Desario, flew to Michigan without telling anyone, to do research at Feig's old high school.

"I don't know how I got it into my head to do things this way," Franco says.

"I mean, they weren't the most rigorous rehearsals," says Franco.

"For the most part we just liked hanging out." In the end, he says, it was Rogen and Segel who became really good friends.

"After seeing everything that James has done over the years, you don't instantly think, ' Well, James is going to be a riot on the set.' Are we going to have to explain what we're going for to him But, no, we were all trying to keep up with him.

On the first table read, he crushed every joke in the entire movie." For his part, Franco suggests that what was sometimes deemed disruptive on a TV set a decade earlier now fit in far better "Some of the spirit of what I was doing is how he makes his movies now. And doing the television show, they weren't open to improvisation like he is now.

"Was it necessary Probably not." He called Feig while he was there.

"He thought I was crazy."During the show's run, three of the freaks—Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel—would meet at Segel's house on Saturday mornings for extra, unofficial rehearsals.

It's just sad for me, because I know I worked so hard, and I just feel like in some ways I kind of blew it.

Franco first attended UCLA in 1996 but dropped out after a year to pursue acting.

Don't eat a fucking banana.' ""James just had so much energy," says Apatow, "he was like a wild cougar on the set." But Apatow also notes that he has photographs of Franco on the set "lying on a car in between takes reading Dostoevsky—you would walk by him and he is reading James Joyce, and you would literally take the book from him and try to ascertain if he really was reading it.