Start M1 garand dating

M1 garand dating

The long pad is early production, the short pad is later to end of WW2, but Babcock doesn't list S/N ranges. And true, a month or two's variation is nothing to worry about.

The "6mll." numbers probably indicate that your rifle was fitted with mostly current varient internal parts.

This would be consistent with a service grade piece as recieved from the CMP.

I know I got mine because of all of these reasons with the main one being it is just so friggin American!

So read the footnotes and parenthetical bits, and do NOT be too quick to change out parts that are somewhat later or, sometimes, considerably earlier than the receiver's theoretical "born on" date. So paying to much attention to the date charts and tables can be a critical error.

WWII Companies that produced the M1 Carbine: (Winchester was the main producer with 2,642,097 produced by the end of the war.) Rock-Ola Music Corporation (ROCK-OLA) Standard Products (STANDARD PRODUCTS) International Business Machines (IBM) Quality Hardware (QUALITY HARDWARE) National Postal Meter (NATIONAL POSTAL METER) Saginaw (SAGINAW DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS)S.

I am going to sell my m1 and need to find out the date of manuf. Perhaps you have mistaken the 65 prefix on bolt,op rod,trigger housing,etc. If so, these are merely part numbers for parts used on later ( Korean War era and afterwards) manufactured M1's. As for pricing, you can use CMP's price structure as a basis for putting a price on your M1.

I just thought that they were the serial numbers on the parts when it was rebuilt.