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I can’t imagine having sex with you now.” Personally, had I been on the receiving end of that I would have immediately reached for my favorite Ben and Jerry’s to cool the burn. Men in relationships with women who they feel are always focused on work, kids, and friends and never on them tell me they are lonesome for their partner and feel uncared for.

So, from now on, don’t answer your phone at the dinner table.

If you feel it vibrating in your pocket, ignore it. Yes, whether it’s for a pregnant lady, someone elderly, or just someone that simply looks completely exhausted.

If I find myself cringing and then reaching for Emily Post’s: Etiquette it indicates that the couple has lost their decorum. You were hoping they would help ignite the flame and chase of new romance.

I have rules in my office which include: “You must speak politely to one another.” This is an important starting point and in its absence, nothing I say or do will help the couple achieve any resolution or regain their intimate satisfaction. When I counsel a couple whose sex life has tanked and their verbal communication is barbed, crude, and mean it’s no surprise they’re not having sex.

Yes, I know some dates feel like job interviews, but leave the “best regards” and resume books at home. Well, I’m usually an avid fan of a phone call over a text message in MOST situations (probably because I give good phone), but this is not one of those times. And by the way, you should send it soon, not days later (ideally within 24 hours). Bottom line is when it’s good, you’ll know, and he won’t be able to wait long to contact you.

Ladies, do not do a drive-by (I know you all know what I’m talking about), don’t friend him on Facebook, and do not write War and Peace. You do not need to mention going out again, speaking again, or any inside joke (that you think you have already established). Option Two: Wait For Him To Contact You Some women feel that it’s the guy who should be following up after a date regardless of who pays the bill. These women genuinely tell the guy that they truly enjoyed the date at the end of the date and then wait to be contacted. Women who do this, do it mainly, because, they do not want to be too pushy.

I know I am not the only person who has friends that I really enjoy spending time with one-on-one but who I dread socializing with when their partner joins the party.