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You like to think your dating skills are pretty great or at least okay.

Tinder rose to popularity because it gave us the fastest way to filter out who we’re not interested in.

So instead of flirting like normal, you’re like, “Wow, you love to travel?! ” Your friend asks you if you and a guy are "talking," and you're like, "Um, yeah, we talk all the time? The “does he like me” quizzes failed you all throughout middle school and high school (and okay, maybe now sometimes, too), and you feel no shame.

You can still give good advice even if you don't have a ton of experience but… When your date gives you boring answers, you just the two of you could never date. How do people sit in a room with someone they don't know much about and find something to talk about? And don't even try to start a game of 20 questions, buddy.

But, as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck showed us in this talk, about two-thirds of his audience picking up the phone.

It’s because we want to communicate on our own terms.

Here’s a list of my most useful posts organized to make things easy and helpful for you.

But before you dive in, ask yourself: Are You a Real Man or Just a “Nice Guy”?

You might have the funniest message ever, but if your thumbnails don’t showcase your strengths, you won’t get the success you want. You just have to make yourself look as attractive as possible.