Start Moral issues about dating second cousins

Moral issues about dating second cousins

In Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Utah and Wisconsin, first-cousin marriage is allowed under certain circumstances: First-cousin marriage is prohibited in: Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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"Although there has been a tradition of cousin marriage among royalty, major land-owning families and some business dynasties, the highest rates of consanguinity [cousin marriage] are actually among the rural poor whose general health status often is marginal," he says.

"Under these circumstances, unless appropriate allowance is made for adverse family socioeconomics, just about all health problems have simply been blamed on consanguinity, even though there usually is no specific evidence of a causal relationship between consanguinity and the disorder in question." Bittles' studies have found that the instance of major health problems in the offspring of cousins is much lower than you may think.

Albert Einstein (and his parents) , Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria, and Sir John A. The offspring of first cousins have double the risk of birth defects. Well, the actual % risk is 2-3% for 'no cousin' offspring and 4-6% for 'first cousin' offspring*.

Second cousins would be 3-5%, third cousins would be 2.5-4%, fourth cousins 2.25-3.5%,and so on.

I did know a guy from Nova Scotia that enjoyed the company of his cousin for a while. Why would it be bad for first cousins to produce children? With current technology in the genetic sciences it's possible to do a complete 'workup' on every possible defect that can occur and act accordingly. We didn't know exactly much distance was between us, but we had the same eyebrows and some other features that are really strong in our family. The jokes reveal an ignorance of genetics, a sense of contempt, and an apparent moral outrage that has no basis. Those without pedigrees are inbreeding, not pure and wholesome like line breeding because they have no special trait people want to buy.

The reality is that first cousins (who can legally marry here) are much more likely to test for genetic markers that indicate potential birth defects or illnesses than non-cousins, thereby reducing the "cousin offspring" birth defects significantly, maybe even less that the "non-cousin" population. For me, personally, I would not even date a cousin through marriage..... Some might call it class discrimination others simply look at it as that's the way it's always been.

Can you imagine your mom saying, "Hey, aren't you so and so's little boy?? I would think it would only be a problem with a small population and the practice occurring over many generations.

I can remember when you ate worms in the front yard!! Moral, but I'm not Christian, so it's just some reason. As fare as breeding goes, making love does nothing to passing on genes up the line without having kids.

"Given decreasing family sizes and ever-increasing educational, employment and social mobility, it seems almost inevitable that the prevalence of cousin marriage in the U. and other Western countries will decline," he says.