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Newly diagnosed kids (and parents) will appreciate the step-by-step overview of mixing multiple insulins, treating high and low blood sugars, and sick day care.

Parents will learn a lot about how our kids view living with diabetes, while kids and teens will have a chance to learn how other kids deal with everyday issues such as sports, Halloween, eating out, camp, travel, and heading off to college. The book deals with diabetes and peer pressure related to eating.

Like The Best Year of My Life, Making the Best of Life is an excellent book for kids with diabetes. If you are an adult with diabetes and want to help your kids understand what diabetes is all about, this is an excellent book. Diabetes Care Made Easy by Allison Nemanic, RN, BA, Gretchen Kauth, RD, CDE, and Marion J. The pictures will help the younger kids and reinforce the concepts for the older kids.

Each step in diabetes care is covered, including blood testing, urine testing for ketones, and insulin injections.

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Some are also excellent for teachers and classmates.

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She recounts a school field trip to a cave, where she and Ellie, another kid at school with diabetes, weren't allowed to enter the innermost cave for fear of going low there and not being able to get out. Written from the perspective of a seven-year-old girl, author Rochelle Stern offers a simple but effective explanation of diabetes that kids can understand. Written in easy-to-understand language, with lots of illustrations, Diabetes Care Made Easy is a good introduction to diabetes care.