Start Muslim lesbian dating

Muslim lesbian dating

At some point you will stop surviving, and start thriving. The human spirit will always have the instinct to endure, with or without you. That beautiful scar will be a part of you forever, as a reminder of how far you have come.

More than hurting myself, I was afraid I would disgrace my family, that no one would invite them to weddings or gatherings, and that they would be shunned all because of my selfishness of wanting to be free.

My American friends would argue that there are laws in this country, that I could simply walk out the door with no repercussions, and they wouldn't be able to hurt me.

So I've just completed an MSc in Forensic Psychology, and am currently working as an administrator to pay the bills :) I have enjoyed traveling the world, but also love chilling on the sofa with box sets :) I'm open and honest, and value integrity in others.may take while to get to know me, …