Start Mysql c updating result sets

Mysql c updating result sets

Finally, it returns value greater than zero if an error occurred. Some people prefer to put their images into the database, some prefer to keep them on the file system for their applications.

You can retrieve values using either the index number of the column or the alias or name of the column. For example, the following method, Strings used as input to getter methods are case-insensitive.

The other four parameters are the database name, port number, unix socket and finally the client flag.

We need superuser priviliges to create a new database.

platform consisting of Linux, Apache, My SQL, and PHP. My SQL database is available on most important OS platforms. The above line shows how we can do it on Debian based Linux. For GNU C compiler, we need to add the -std=c99 option.

To be able to compile C examples, we need to install the My SQL C development libraries.

The second value in each row is 49 because that is the identification number for the supplier, Superior Coffee.

The last two values, the entries for the columns , which sends only one command and returns a single update count. )"); String(1, "Amaretto"); Int(2, 49); Float(3, 9.99); Int(4, 0); Int(5, 0); Batch(); String(1, "Hazelnut"); Int(2, 49); Float(3, 9.99); Int(4, 0); Int(5, 0); Batch(); // ...

When a getter method is called with a string and more than one column has the same alias or name as the string, the value of the first matching column is returned.