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Neil strauss online dating

Nobody can really verify this of course, but there is a certain mystique around the technique.

here has been lots of buzz lately about this elusive seduction technique called Fractionation.

First “discovered” by eminent psychologists Sigmund Freud and then later further developed by the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) founder John Grinder, it was first adapted to be used in dating and seduction by two of the most famous seduction gurus known as “Twotimer” and “Swinggcat”.

You will be on the fast track to dating success with this technique…

Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

Oh, and he went from not having a driver's license at 25...

Derek Sivers(@sivers) is one of my favorite humans, and I call him often for advice.

You would approach the girl to pick her up confidently, look deep into her eye, and deliver your approach opener.