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Even analog monitors, however, should be kept at least 3 feet from the child’s bed and if possible, used sparingly.

Taking care to get the microwave radiation out of your baby’s room to protect her developing brain may have the distinct advantage of a better night’s sleep – for everyone in the house!

Are baby monitors always a good choice to help keep your child safe while you are out of the room? If a cell phone company applied for a permit to install a cell phone tower next to a school in your community, do you think there would be a large public outcry?

Most likely there would be very vocal outrage from the surrounding neighborhoods and the story would be featured prominently in the local news as many concerned and informed parents are increasingly taking precautions to minimize their children’s exposure to any sort of microwave technology.

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With most baby monitors now wireless and the risk of strangulation from the cords no longer an issue, many parents are putting them right in the crib so a distance of 1 meter or less is not so far fetched.