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Nz dating review

It has, if you will, shaken off the shackles of taboo.

Your Elite Singles reviews are a way for us to hear you; to cement the faith you place in us and the trust you have in us to provide an online dating experience that both works and exceeds your expectations.

We truly value what you have to say, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and be frank!

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Nevertheless, and like all reflexive processes, we really want to hear your Elite Singles reviews as we believe that they will help us get even better at providing the kind of service that NZ singles truly want.

We need your help to get a better impression of what’s good and what we could be doing better!

We hope you feel the same way, although, should you feel that there's a subject or area we've missed, please let us know in your Elite Singles reviews: whether we're missing the point, could be doing something better, or helped you along the way, we'd love to know.