Start Outlook 2016 gal not updating

Outlook 2016 gal not updating

This synchronization is one-way: from the GAL to the Outlook Contacts folder.

In this article: Outlook 2010 synchronizes its Contacts folder entries to contacts that have matching SMTP addresses in the Exchange GAL.

After synchronization, you cannot reverse the changes in bulk.

However, the user can manually update Outlook contacts, or if there are many differences, the user’s mailbox can be restored.

We have another server in the wings waiting to be deployed, but we need to address the problem in the meantime. If it does not, then it is the generation or distribution process that is failing. OWA reflects the information correctly, but Outlook does not. I have tried deleting the OAB files, but when I download the address book, it still has the outdated version.

I'm wondering if anyone has anyone has any tips that could help me address this issue. Are you using web or public folder distribution for the OAB? If you are on Outlook 2010, any reason you are still using public folder distribution?

I ran the commands you recommended and tried it about 4 hours after that. As another way to troubleshoot the problem, I created a new profile for Outlook.

It had all of the up-to-date information until I did a manual send/receive of the address book.

A programmatic solution is possible, but requires complex data validation to pull the previous values from the Notes field.