Start Pj brennan and kieron richardson dating

Pj brennan and kieron richardson dating

He ends up feeling quite isolated and he turns to drink after that.

I've given you a hard time over these past two years for your behaviour, when in actual fact I'm the same as you'.

So they have this nice conversation, but then Doug walks in and automatically thinks that something has gone on between Ste and Brendan. If anything, Brendan says to Ste, 'If there's anyone you should be with, it should be Doug'.

"In the build-up to Pauline coming back, Ste is feeling quite low as he thinks that he hasn't really got any friends.

There's been a memorial for Riley with a lot of lad banter, which Ste can't join in with.

" How does Brendan react when he sees Ste smashing up the deli?

"Well, what's nice is that recently we've understood a lot about Brendan's past and how he's been treated, and now we're revisiting Ste's background.

So we get to see a nice side of Brendan too." Does Doug see Pauline's true colours, or is he fooled by her?