Start Pl sql clob updating

Pl sql clob updating

14 15 update print_media set Story = my Story WHERE product_id = 10; 16 -- an update is necessary to synchronize the data in the table.

I hope they will help some down-trodden developer out there somehow. CAST_TO_RAW(p_document)); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_UD_CLOB ( p_document IN VARCHAR2, p_id IN NUMBER) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDDOC INTO lob_loc FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDDOCID = p_id FOR UPDATE; DBMS_LOB. WRITE(lob_loc, LENGTH(p_document), 1, p_document); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_RD_CLOB ( p_id IN NUMBER, p_clob OUT VARCHAR2) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDOC INTO lob_loc FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDOCID = p_id; p_clob := DBMS_LOB. GETLENGTH(lob_loc), 1); END; / Unfortunately, by changing my code to what you see above, even though it kept working on my Oracle express edition, everything over a certain size just started truncating after about 7950 characters on the test server!

FREETEMPORARY(Story Combined); Story Lower := LOWER(Story1) || LOWER(Story2); END; -- At the end of block, Story Lower is freed.

hi i am using dynamic SQL to update a clob Feild in a table. But when i am using the dynamic SQL it stops when it reaches the returning statement. The statement is not in -- one piece but resides in little pieces in the PL/SQL table "statement".

Tom, I find that I have to do a loop to insert more than 4000 characters into clob, the codes are as follows: for i in 2..(trunc((dbms_lob.getlength(lob_loc))/200) 1) loop buffer:=dbms_lob.substr(lob_loc,200,j); j:=i*200 1; select statement into lob_loc1 from sta_dml where id=1 for update; amount:=length(buffer); dbms_lob.writeappend(lob_loc1,amount,buffer); end loop; commit; The codes will most probably result in deadlock in parallel mode,please kindly suggest me what will you do or what will be the exception like to catch deadlock.

thanks, ally I am using dbms_metadata.get_ddl function to get the DDL of my composite partition.

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The procedure as it is in static sql gives no error. COM January 30, 2002 - pm UTC No (a sql statement that is 40,000 characters -- I would be seriously rethinking that one). there is a parse routine that will do this for you: procedure parse(c in integer, statement in varchar2s, lb in integer, ub in integer, lfflg in boolean, language_flag in integer); -- Parse the given statement in the given cursor.