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Polish dating in northern ireland

With the Acts of Union in 1801, Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom.

However, English rule did not extend over the whole island until the 16th–17th century Tudor conquest, which led to colonisation by settlers from Britain.

In the 1690s, a system of Protestant English rule was designed to materially disadvantage the Catholic majority and Protestant dissenters, and was extended during the 18th century.

In 1973 the Republic of Ireland joined the European Economic Community while the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland, as part of it, did the same.

Following the Norman invasion in the 12th century, England claimed sovereignty over Ireland.

Sea levels were lower and Ireland, like Great Britain, formed part of continental Europe.

By 12,000 BC, rising sea levels due to ice melting caused Ireland to become separated from Great Britain.

It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George's Channel.