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Problems updating flash player on mac

For best video playback performance and to minimize CPU and better battery consumption, using Stage Video for rendering video is strongly recommended.

Thus, it will not be launched by Mac OS X when launches.

Instead, the 32-bit Adobe AIR Application Installer will be launched.

If you go back to a previous AIR version, for example, AIR 19, then after uninstalling AIR 20 and installing AIR 19, an attempt to launch the updated AIR app fails because the new 64-bit launcher is unable to find the 64-bit AIR Runtime.

This problem occurs only when attempting to downgrade to an older version. There is another issue that a few users may face — specifically, those who install an AIR application with a Side Car AIR 20 installation; having never before installed an AIR shared runtime and then downgrading from AIR 20.

So the app’s launcher code will now be a 64-bit binary.

The previously used 32-bit launcher gets renamed with a ‘_32’ suffix.

This is truly a deep dive into the workings of Flash Player and browser detection.

For those that merely want our recommended best practice to embed Flash Player in your HTML code, the answer is simply use Swf Object 2.3.

Now when you uninstall AIR 20, install AIR 19, and then try to launch an package, this attempt fails because the Adobe AIR Installer that is a 64-bit binary is unable to load the AIR Runtime that is now a 32-bit binary again.

That Adobe AIR Installer (version 20) keeps its precedence over the Adobe AIR Application Installer (version 19) that is present at The solution to this issue is to simply delete the directory that contains the Side Car package and Adobe AIR Installer so that this 64-bit binary longer exists.

After an Initial AIR 20 installation from a Side Car, launching the package results in Mac OS X “blessing” the Adobe AIR Installer that sits next to it.