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He and Michael both dump the body into a lake after landing the plane.

When playing golf, Trevor says that he was the Canadian Under 18 Champion and almost turned professional.

Later in his life, Trevor discovered that he had a talent for flying jets.

The heist initially ran relatively smoothly until Trevor killed a security guard and the trio had to fight their way through the police and barely managed to enter the rural town of Ludendorff where a helicopter was due to wait for them.

Over the following years, Michael became more cautious as a criminal because he saw himself as having more to lose should he be imprisoned or killed, which led Trevor to believe Michael was going "soft".

Despite being too far from the helicopter, Michael insisted they stick to the plan, and they continued walking and searching for their helicopter.

They were then ambushed by FIB agent Dave Norton, who fired at the trio, fatally wounding Brad and "injuring" Michael.

It is possible that he had some formal education, as he mentions during police chases that he took a night class in criminal law.