Start Psp crashed while updating

Psp crashed while updating

You will enter the Linux Mint 16 operating system as a LIVE DVD version.

think I can do it myself without damaging the laptop..

but not sure if I salvaged the windows 7 os or if a better os system is recommended knowing how microsoft os are notorious for hacks/crashing this os..

crash my computer and press me to spend my hard earned savings to support their devilish racketeering control communistic snake in the grass endeavors.

i WANT TO SUE MY GOVERNMENTand now you blame the govt?

I suspected it might be a virus and took a 8 g memory stick and think i tried salvaging the windows 7 but not sure and didn't try using the usb memory stick yet..

perhaps it will have the recovery to reboot to restore the crashed computer? IT SOUNDS THE SAME AS IT ALWAYS DID, I do not suspect a hardware issue,, but rather an infected program caused by AVG updating or from what I suspect lack of microsoft's (recommended) auto updating which I know I had always had on default..

I just read a topic yesterday on this site about hackers breaking windows 7 os critical start up codes? I fear that i might loose the memory strip data should a one time attempt to use it on the existing (what i suspect now as a fully corrupted or damaged beyond repairthe original factory harddrive)..