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Psych co stars dating

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And seem to be "really happy together." This is especially happy news, given that Herjavec also just admitted that he was suicidal after his marriage to Diane Plese, his wife of 24 years.

"It's been a terribly difficult year," the tech mogul told , adding, "I was hollow and broken." The exes have three high school and college aged kids.

Johnson, 38, and Herjavec, 51, were cozy at the show's premiere party Monday night at Hyde Sunset Kitchen Cocktails.

They were first introduced three weeks ago, and we're told they hit it off right away.

Below here are some predictions for 2017 many by Psychics: The number of terrorist assaults will be developed in 2017 when ISIS loses the clutch in the Middle East.

There will many fierce attack cases in Malls, Sports Events, clubs, bars, restaurants and so forth.

Many trusted Psychic readers have given out their predictions on the upcoming occurrences to the whole world with plenty of basic topics, including economy, politics, career, love life, finance and so forth.

There is no guarantee that these things will come true in the next year, they are just basic forecasts but the people can research on them to find out what will befall tomorrow.

The structure of Earth will undergo some serious troubles when the world keeps heating up.

There will be more earthquakes befalling Earth, along with volcanic emissions in the forthcoming years.

2017 will be a year of economic troubles, particularly two countries, China and Brazil!