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Safia’s two brothers, Arun, 19, and Samir, 28, who lives in Richmond, also pitch in at weekends.

They also moved into pop-up restaurants, serving Punjabi food prepared by Safia.

In between courses, diners are entertained by two dancers, who are strikingly attired in traditional costume. “That’s why we started the pop-up restaurants.” The first one, held in a village hall, sold out almost immediately.

We’ve always had an understanding that we work together and sit down together and we don’t tend to leave one person to do the meals.” While we talk they prepare dhal and roti, which they then serve me for lunch, with home-made yogurt.

It is quite possibly the best dhal I have ever encountered – prepared by, without doubt, the most glamorous mother and daughter cooking duo I have ever met.

The traditional Punjabi spice mixes proved so popular that she began to think there was potential to build a business out of them but, lacking the time, she turned to her daughter.

• Hen parties and drunk diners: the hell of being a restaurateur Safia had always loved cooking, poring over recipe books and cookery programmes even as a young child.

“I said 'I’ll support you to move to Petersfield, if that’s what you want to do’,” says Surinder.