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Reality show extreme dating

It makes sense – after all, it’s a reality show and they had to make a watchable show…

I was entertained watching the show, but it was painfully obvious to me that it was made up of lies and deceit.

Most of the people in the show are not nearly as exaggeratedly cheap as they tried to let on.

It's called Redemption Island and the first twist of the season is the return of former contestants 'Boston Rob' Mariano and Russell Hantz, who bring 156 days of experience to the game. She is now looking for love, and the LOGO network is airing a "Bachelorette" type program to help her find it. A new reality show called "Kid Nation" will see 40 children ages 8 to 15 (no adults) learn to survive in a deserted New Mexico town.

Is there a next Duck Dynasty in this new batch of unscripted projects? The cable network announced an expanded slate on Thursday, featuring four new series orders and four pilots in development.

An Australian TV series smuggled a group of participants across the Syrian border to IS territory.

The group came under heavy artillery fire as filmmakers took them within half a mile of the front line.

You know what’s more expensive than a freaking ketchup bottle?