Start Red hot speed dating with soul

Red hot speed dating with soul

A cheer goes up and Gosse regains control of the mike. “There’s always a surplus of single men who are too chicken to ask a woman on a date.

“It’s hard to put yourself out there and get rejected,” Carey says.

“Maybe after I have a few more of these,” Coker laughs, holding up her cocktail.

Though the ring seems ironic, given his title, it lends an air of authenticity to his advice.

Some hold notebooks on their laps, pens at the ready.

“You must never, ever volunteer anything negative about yourself on a first date or I guarantee there will not be a second date,” he warns the audience. If you don’t want to play by the rules, you might as well stay home because nobody is going to want you.

“Single people are very judgmental on a first date. People actually think, ‘I can be me and meet someone wonderful.’ Well, that’d be nice, if we could be our sickening selves and meet someone wonderful. of all your dates.” The audience is divided between those who are laughing and those who are scowling.

Gosse heads American Singles, a nonprofit organization that publishes Possibilities—a newsprint quarterly devoted to dating events and advice, punctuated by ads for singles cruises and mail-order brides.