Start Rihanna dating shia

Rihanna dating shia

Shia told , he was set up on a date with the not-so-shy singer.

Or maybe they will be like those odd couples you see in the grocery store with their kids and makes you wonder how did they ever meet?

Rihanna has denied that she is dating Shia La Beouf or that they’ve been canoodling under her Umbrella.

A mutual stylist friend put the two in touch; he recalls: “(I was) filming a sword fight when I got the message. '” However, things didn’t get past date numero uno.

Decades from now, when everyone is sitting by the open hearth together at Balmoral, Prince Harry and Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty could be telling their origin story over tea and sticky pudding.

K.’s ruling matriarch.) So let your mind get lost in the possibilities. Best of luck to Earth’s favorite new (hypothetical) “It” couple!

The recently declared World’s Most Desirable Woman (at this year’s Guys Choice Awards) has had her fair share of real-life leading men.

No surprise, as she is beyond talented, confident, and beautiful.