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Role play ts sex chat

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It’s a bad idea in general to not work out things like this before a roleplay, or without checking with people to see how they feel about it.

Everyone should be on the same page before you start, or you’ll have to backpedal and come up with a reason why it wouldn’t be true anymore. If someone has stated in OOC or otherwise that they aren’t comfortable roleplaying with someone who, for instance, uses stars for actions instead of novel style, or first person roleplaying styles then DON’T try to sneak it past them.

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If you just simply cannot live without roleplaying with them, you are the guest in their house asking permission for RP!

You should change what you do to suit what they want so you can get what you want in return.

You were not raised by the canon character, and you were not their second cousin twice removed, nor their ex-lover unless they specifically talk with you about it and say yes to the idea.