Start Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

This is rather drastic, but ultimately self defeating.

Update 'Insufficient key field information for updating or refreshing'.

Visual Basic Visual Basic Update Recordset- recordset.cancel recordset.cancelupdate Visual Basic Visual Basic Recordset.

Pardon my ignorance here as I am new to the world of Sales Logix (coming from a world of Goldmine) so I am aware of CRM pros, cons, and limitations.

After having to do a manual re-sync of our remote users (due to another issue), our network users have noticed an issue when they log onto the application and receive the "Complete Activity" window for meetings that have already, in theory, happened.

Text; //additional fields here Post; end; end; end; What is the tbl Main? Properties['Update Criteria'].value := ad Criteria Key; end; Then do the sort in the On Activate of form procedure Tfrm Main.

Hi, I am getting "Row cannot be located for updating.

(Only when I do this combination.) Here is my code procedure Tfrm Add Click(Sender: TObject); begin with frm Record, tbl Main do begin if Show Modal = mr OK then begin Insert; Field By Name('Title')String:= edt Title.