Start Rowupdating doesn fire

Rowupdating doesn fire

The first thing I tried was setting Enable View State to true on the grid (I'd switched it off previously).

I searched the forums and found mainly unanswered questions.

I got to the point where I thought I'd just try random things.

Row Deleted = "Record Deleted" end subthe label will not change the text when you delete a record in the gridview There are a view other posts I have seen on the form that reports the same issue I add a standard gridview the standard (not devx) gridviewfires the rowupdated and rowdeleted events. NET: a callback can update only the component that has sent it.

or don't in the case of the devexpress one Hello Marius, Thank you for your test project. The solution is to wrap the grid and label with an AJAX Update Panel and set the grid's Enable Callbacks property to false. Thanks, Nick -------------------- Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do! Why does the standard grid allows to update external objects or run functions that need to update related fields on the page, but the devx grid doesn't. Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Unfortunately, I haven't managed to reproduce the problem. There certainly a problem Hopefuly I managed to upload a test project the data is the database. one grid is the aspxgridview and the other is a standard gridview. Actually, it's enough to set the grid's Enable Callbacks property to False. Thanks, Nick -------------------- Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do!

The Row Deleted event is fired just fine in my test project. Could you please provide me with your test project? If you click on the delete button in the gridrow, the record/row will indeed disappear but if for example you want to display a label that confirms that the record is deleted using the Row Deleted event of that gridview this event doensn't fire, meaning for example Assume = "" we now delete a record in the devx gridview it deletes the appropriate record in the grid and datasource but you would assume that the following would be triggered when deleting that record Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Deleted(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Dev Express. there's three labels for each gridview which are set when the databound/rowdeleted/rowupdated events fire. The callback doesn't allow you to update external controls (the label in your case). Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

After it has been clicked the postback places that row in edit mode. At this point in time the above Edit Item Template is displayed with two Image Buttons within it.