Start Sagattarius dating a scorpio

Sagattarius dating a scorpio

Pluto-ruled Scorpio's nature is to sink ever deeper, discovering and revealing new layers of the soul self.

Sadge on the other hand, can commit, but likes to maintain the atmosphere of openness in any relationship.

To sensitive Scorpio, that feels like the safety hatch is flung wide, opening them psychically to who knows what.

Scorpio finds that with Sagittarius, "what you see is what you get," and that helps with the trust issue.

What drives Scorpio mad, is knowing that the happy-go-lucky flirting is done widely and freely, and part of the Archer's joie de vivre.

Sagittarius is the eternal optimist, and can dive into romance just for the thrill of it.

Just as its namesake, Scorpio encircles a potential lover-enemy with weapons raised.

The first dates are sexually charged, if there's an attraction. Not totally clashing elements, but it'll be like fire water, very hot!

Scorpio in Love is subtle, passionate and hyper-sensitive to signals.

Scorpio is a sign that's an aspirant (or master) in the art of seduction.

To open up to another, soul-to-soul, Scorpio wants to know Sadge will meet their intensity.

Sagittarius is a bold initiator, and loves the thrill of new experiences.