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Used gradually less in the series as the characters discover more and more doors, chests, etc. For example, the doors into Professor Snape's and Professor Umbridge's offices are mentioned as being Alohomora-proof.

Hermione was also mentioned trying to learn this charm during her ride aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Later on in the same book, Harry summons his broom to complete the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Seen/mentioned: First said (not by name) at the beginning of the first book when Harry arrives at the Dursleys' home.

Seen first in Goblet of Fire against Muggle Frank Bryce, and in every book following.

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Harry uses this spell to summon Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but fails. As demonstrated by Fred and George Weasley, attempting to use an aging potion and stepping over the line appears to work, but moments later they are seen with grey hair and beards.

Description: Creates a thin, shimmering line that can only be passed by people of a set age. It is unknown whether the ageing potion causes this alongside the age line spell.

Spells are listed here by their incantations (when known), with their vernacular names in parentheses.