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We aim to make the fastest and most comprehensive free DNS lookup tool on the Internet Please note that robtex is not only used by the NSA (we guess that is not a secret anymore, and no we didn't know before either).

Online dating continues to be a very successful and common way for singles to meet and find relationships, however singles need to be warned of the lengths criminals will go to for their own hidden agendas.

Below are 5 important stay safe guidelines singles need to consider before they agree to meet strangers off the internet.1/ DO NOT send money overseas under ANY circumstances to singles you have met online.2/ Don't offer personal details such as work details, home address or your children's personal details.3/ Its important meet in a public place never in an secluded area.4/ If you are contacted by an online dating member that is offering you their love and loyalty prior to exchanging emails this could be a spam email that has been sent to hundreds of other online dating users.5/ Compile as much information as you can regarding this person to substantiate they are for real.

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