Start Sexy chat between a girl and a boy

Sexy chat between a girl and a boy

Boy: You didn't miss anything that great, just a lot of notes.

But while gender-specific marketing and peer pressure in preschool can influence a tot’s taste in toys, there’s good evidence that there’s also something innate about preferences for certain playthings, starting around age one.

In fact, girls who are exposed to higher-than-normal levels of sex hormones, including testosterone, in the womb show an above-average interest in cars and trucks.

You may not notice the difference in your boy and girl babies, though, say scientists: While the average boy doesn’t move around much more than the typical girl, the most active kids are almost always boys, and the least active, girls.

Takeaway tip: Get both sexes moving with plenty of active playtime — from dancing indoors to playing chase outside.

While most girls start toilet training anytime from 22 to 30 months, boys can take three months to even a year longer than girls to achieve all of the 28 skills experts say they need to be diaper-free forever — from staying dry for two hours during the day to being able to pull down underpants.

Girls, on average, can pee on their own (a big milestone) by 33 months, but it takes until month 37 for boys to get there.

While the reading-faces skill begins at birth, both nature and nurture play a role — the differences in ability is more than twice as pronounced in grown-up men and women as it is in little ones. Experts think it's because girls are taught to express their feelings, while boys are encouraged to suck it up.

Takeaway tip: As moms everywhere know, baby boys aren't any less sensitive, so teach your son the words for his feelings ("You're mad because you can't reach the rattle") as you talk to him.

True or false: Females tend to be more in tune to people's emotions. After reviewing over 100 studies, researchers concluded that even in infancy, girls are better at figuring out people's emotions based on their facial expressions.

Plus, a British study found that baby girls would rather look at faces than mobiles, while the opposite was true for boys.

Takeaway tip: Build up your baby’s muscles by giving your little guy or gal plenty of tummy time in the early months — and making sure your tot doesn’t spend too much time confined to the stroller, car seat, or play yard.