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Either the dates don’t start at the right time (needing academic calendars vs.

In this release, there were several new models added as well as a variety of updates to our existing drivers.

Drivers for the Magicard series include support for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards, and the Holo Kote and Holo Patch security features.

This release introduces drivers for card printers from Zebra and Evolis.

It’s apparent that I have a serious problem when it comes to paper products, school supplies, and anything related to organization.

During my third– and final– trip to The Container Store, I was going back and forth between two aisles comparing a couple of organizers… I realized they were Russel Hazel and I went to investigate some more.

It’s called the “Smart Date System” and it’s totally customizable.

One of my biggest issues with planners/agendas is that I typically like 90% and the other 10% I could do without.

It also includes updates to our RFID support with an improved EPC Generation 2 security interface, support for the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) bit, the Application Family Identifier (AFI), and Data Storage Format Identifier (DSFID).