Start Smoking and dating

Smoking and dating

She is prepared to eat almost anything, including a half-eaten salad dusted with cigarette ash and a mauled unwrapped Toffo.

Company related notices adorn the walls and old furniture and office equipment is stacked in the corner.

She is constantly looking for a boyfriend and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to retain one (including dressing as the male police officer who directed the Fred West case).

She seems to have the busiest sex life of anyone in the room but hasn't managed to find love. She had a liaison with Clint at Lucy Wu's party, which we learn about in Episode Three, and in Episode Five she buys him some chocolates for Valentine's Day but this appears to be a passing fancy.

Due to a rule devised by Clint, discussion of work-related matters ("shop talk") is forbidden in the smoking room, though there are some brief work-related discussions.