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Stephen lunsford erin sanders dating

Through all four seasons, Sanders played the resident science genius at Pacific Coast Academy and roommate of Zoey (portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears).

” Keegan tweeted to his fans this week ahead of the show’s season premiere.

, and he was joined at the event by his pal Wilmer Valderrama, who dressed as himself.

the assault created indignation in the neighborhood, and the earl of dorset was active in bringing lunsford before the star chamber court.

Seriously, how could we not love him with all of his boyish charm?

There was a Guitar Hero Live room inside the party where guests were able to battle it out to some of the hottest songs out there.

See a photo of JJ‘s Jared Eng in one of the booths below!

She is known for her roles as Quinn Pensky on Zoey 101, Camille Roberts on Big Time Rush, and for portraying Eden Baldwin on The Young and the Restless in 2008.