Start Straight men sex chats

Straight men sex chats

Straight men have no concept of how the mind of a gay guy works.

Have I already seduced him into doing gay activities? One time I asked my friend if he would ever make out with me and he immediately said no.

Practice on guys you aren't normally interested in. 6) Be Vague about Your Own Orientation: When seducing a straight guy, the subject of sex will no doubt crop up. Should he agree with you, then you have just seduced him!

No straight man would ever agree with that statement unless they felt ready to experiment! No matter how confident you feel, never invite him back to yours on the first night.

4) Approach Him in Private: If you have made a recent friend who's straight and you think that you might have a chance, try to get him on his own. Casually mention that this guy is gay, but that you don't have an issue with that kind of thing. If it's positive, then you can explore the subject even more.