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The team that is guarding the base and capturing it is chosen by a coin toss.

Although the names are similar, Malla-Yuddha and Malyutham are two different and very distinct Arts.

They are different in the nature of the techniques studied and on their external aspects as well.

MRF Challenge is a Formula 2000 open-wheel motorsport formula based series organized by Madras Motor Sports Club in association with MRF.

Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok, the only drivers from to represent India in Formula 1 hail from the state.

The state has produced many grandmasters including Viswanathan Anand, one of the greatest and most versatile players of the modern era having won the World Chess Championship five times from 2002 to 2013. It was widely practiced in Tamil Nadu since ancient times as a sport.

Malyutham is one of the 64 Arts mentioned in Ancient Literature.

Seval Sandai or Seval Porr (cockfighting) is a popular rural sport in Tamil Nadu.

Three or four-inch blades are attached to the cocks' feet and the winner is decided after three or four rounds of no holds barred fighting. Cockfighting in Tamil Nadu is mentioned in ancient literature like Manu Needhi Sastiram, Kattu Seval Sastiram and other Sangam literature.

Some of the indoor games include Pallanguzhi involving beads, Bambaram involving spinning of top, Dhayakattai which is a modified dice game, Aadu puli attam, Nungu vandi and Seechangal. It was created by MRF Limited with the help of former Australian pace spearhead Dennis Lillee.

Tamil Nadu Cricket Association is the governing body of cricket activities in the Tamil Nadu state of India and the Tamil Nadu cricket team, which has won the Ranji Trophy twice and have finished Runners-up 9 times. Hockey is one of the popular sports played in schools and colleges.

When the game starts, each of the other members can only move sideways/horizontally.