Start Teen dating violence lesson plans

Teen dating violence lesson plans

Although Sean was initially upset because he was looking forward to their night out, he took advantage of his free night to hang out with his sister.

If someone seems to be withdrawing from his or her usual activities or has odd explanations for injuries, there may be underlying physical violence.

It's important to remember that both men and women can be victims of dating violence.

While John attempts to go as often as he can, sometimes he is too busy.

When he does miss one of Jessica's events, she ignores him for a couple of days.

Today, she got her mark back for last week's math test, and she didn't do well.

After a bad day, she normally talks to Adam, but she hesitates to call him, wondering if he will even answer.

He seems withdrawn and hasn't showed up to swim practice for the last couple of weeks.

His best friend notices a big bruise and scratch marks on his arms.

You may follow the instructions exactly as printed, or condense to fit within your time frame.

A powerpoint presentation has been made that goes along with the lesson, which you may use instead of making all the handouts.

Healthy or Unhealthy Caitlin and Monica are walking through the hall at school and they see Allie and Jeff arguing (yet again).