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Cute, because he remembered I had been drinking G&T’s on our first date.

While in college, I found myself faced with a slew of new relationship problems. At a younger age, I dated who I was interested in and even had serious long-term relationships with people who were on a completely different track in life than I was.

I had a lot of unanswered questions and learned a lot about myself and what I wanted in a relationship as a result of trying to answer them all for myself.

How do you celebrate an anniversary if you don’t actually when you started dating?

This difference was always in the back of my mind, but even through college I still found myself settling for a little less than I deserved when it came to relationships. I dated guys with different religious beliefs, different views on marriage, and some guys who were flat out wrong for me.

A week after Mr Older ended things with me I bumped into him.

It was so f*cking awkward and I couldn’t have handled it in a more immature way. I think he was playing games with me over the weekend, hot and cold.

It was a Monday morning, pissing it down with rain, I had no makeup on and… Ah I’m really sad to say it is all over with Mr Older :(. It kind of irritated me BUT at the same time made me a bit keener. I went on a date with a guy last week who was eight years older than me.

So there were a couple of things I didn’t mention that went on during our last date: CONTACT PRE DATE: Before the first date and then for about four days after the first date we were texting…

And all of this is okay, because every time you walk away you make room for the right one.

What challenges did you face when you entered the “real” dating world?

I knew I didn’t want to go on that date so I should not have blooming gone! I thought I could count on my old pal to pick me up.