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But as Janus returned to sleep, ripples spread out from the Hellhole like a small stone dropped in a pond.

Let’s see if I can find enough SFW pics to do this chronology justice (and how many names you recognize). Sean Penn a couple of years before she hit it big on right around this time. Then he shot her in the arm (accidentally) and that was pretty much the end of that relationship. Later she appeared on the Charlie Sheen , which is pretty much her most prestigious acting credit. Back to a non-adult film star, but a woman who, thanks to her job as a model, he had more than likely already seen topless before they’d met. She also sued him for allegedly physically abusing her.

Charlie’s first short foray into the world of “adult” stars, St.

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In a town named Sunnydale, California, Ethan Rayne succeeded in awakening Janus, the ancient God of Chaos.

Although the ancients understood the dangers of such a foolhardy act, Ethan Rayne callously ignored the fact that awakening Janus could have consequences that would transcend time and space. All he wanted was to lash out at the cosmos – LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO ME! He briefly woke Janus to curse Sunnydale, and it was done.

On the plus side this means I have more time to work on the project and provide support to its users, something which I’ve been limited on in the past.

I hope you all can understand my reason for going this route and continue to support the project, I look forward to hearing all your ideas and features which can be added to make the app even better!

I’m still reviewing final pricing but I’m looking to release with a starting point of £6.50/$10. A full static build of ffmpeg-2.7.1 for Visual Studio can be found at the link below including the source. Linux distro Install linaro-image-tools I haven’t been able to work on RPFTool for quite a while due to lack of free time and I don’t see myself spending much time on it in the future so I’ve decided to go open source and release it to the public!

Libraries are in their respective folders and named *.a which can be included directly in a visual studio project. This was my first large project so to be honest its a bit of a mess, I also started adding GTA V support but didn’t get round to finishing it so for those wanting to build it themselves I suggest commenting all that code out. Note: You’ll need a copy of devexpress to build it as the interface relies quite heavily on it.

The pair also frequently spends time outside of work with fellow co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright, even taking a camping trip together over the weekend.