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University of notre dame dating

If you doubt that Notre Dame football is under siege, then consider for a moment how the Irish have played against five teams this year which had more than a week to rest up, heal, and game plan. Pure chance dictates Notre Dame would play one or two opponents with extra time to prepare for them. Notre Dames last two opponents, Wake Forest and Boston College, each had two weeks to get ready for a battered and bruised Notre Dame.

It is us the fans who are responsible for hoisting the banner and raising up these student athletes who have chosen to represent Our Lady for the whole world to see what they have done.

On the line at a minimum is a New Years Day Bowl game, and possibly a spot in the National Championship playoff.

We as fans are not limited to twenty-four hours: we have a whole week to celebrate our school and our team.

Now, they are poised to play the defending National Champion and the school many believe to be the second, or even first, best team in the BIG.