Start Updating a rails app

Updating a rails app

To do that, you need a way to see the precise differences between the files generated by the version of Rails your app is currently using and the version of Rails to which you're upgrading.

Then update Rails to the latest 4.x version (4.2.7 right now), and run your test suite (or exercise your app) watching the log for Deprecation warnings. Carefully read the 5.0 release notes and make note of things that might affect your app.

Check your with Ready4Rails, which should help tell you what gems you have that may not be ready for Rails 5 yet.

It’s very important that you take a close look at the relevant section of this guide.

Apart from that, lets you see the diffs between the files generated by various versions of Rails.

I followed this guideline in a project where I was upgrading from 3.2 to 4.2, and the final step from 4.1 to 4.2 was so easy that I was ready to deploy in less than 15 minutes.

Before upgrading rails, it’s a good idea to upgrade other dependencies to make sure you have compatible versions of those gems.

Is there a console way i can upgrade my rails to the new 5.0 version?

Or do i have to manually go replace each file that's needed to upgrade?

Make sure you have a decent suite of tests and they are all passing before you start with the upgrade.

If you’re on Rails 3.2, it is tempting to upgrade directly to Rails 4.2. Instead, upgrade first to 4.0.x, then 4.1.x, and finally 4.2.x.

The Interne seems vague in giving me a solution to this problem.