Start Updating fedora core 1

Updating fedora core 1

The first thing you might want to install is "MPlayer", which is one of the best media players around. You can install both by clicking on "mplayer-skins" in the package list, then click the "install" button which will automatically select the "mplayer" package as well because the mplayer-skins package depends on mplayer being installed.

You can use apt-get very much like you use apt-get in Debian GNU/Linux: # apt-get install mplayer-skins This would have done the same thing that we did in the Synaptic interface in the previous example.

Also, you'll periodically want to run the "apt-get update" command or click the "Update" button in Synaptic to get the latest lists of available packages.

You can do an "apt-get upgrade" to upgrade any installed packages where newer versions of the packages exist (keeping your system up to date).

Click the image below for a screenshot of the Synaptic interface: Of course anything you can do in the graphical Synaptic interface you can also do on the command line.

If you experience any issues, please visit the DNF system upgrade wiki page for more information on troubleshooting in the event of a problem.

If you are having issues upgrading and have third-party repositories installed on your system, you may need to disable these repositories while you are upgrading.

If you do need a username/password you may want to make sure non-root users on your system can not read this file: # chmod go= /etc/apt There are a few other repositories that you can add to your repository configuration.