Start Updating ssl cert for iis

Updating ssl cert for iis

How to Create a Self Signed Certificate in IIS 7 The site in question is localhost, and the CN of the certificate is "localhost".

I had the same problems with Chrome and a self-signed cert, but in the end I found it was just incredibly picky about the validation of the domain name on the cert (as it should be).

Chrome doesn't have it's own cert store and uses Window's own.

This answer addresses the OP's desire to get Chrome to "stop complaining" about the certificate, and it has 14/-0 as a late answer.

Even though the certificate is listed as correctly installed when I click "View certificate information" in Chrome's HTTPS popup, it still insists the certificate cannot be trusted.

This particular answer provided a relevant solution for me to a reasonable interpretation of the post that happens to be consistent with my [email protected] Agreed, and part of reading comprehension involves intuiting the writer's intention.

In this case there are multiple ways to read that IMO, although OP's action to add a Firefox exception for the certificate might lead one to reasonably accept the possibility that their ultimate goal is to stop the browser from complaining more so than getting it to accept the certificate per se.

Changed ' Target' field like this (note that '--ignore-certificate-errors' should be added after quote, and with space): "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" [email protected] I'm not trying to misdirect you.