Start Updating xml files with php

Updating xml files with php

Trying to import large dumps this way may result in timeouts or connection failures. Warning: XMLReader::open(): Unable to open source data in /.../wiki/includes/on line 53 Warning: XMLReader::read(): Load Data before trying to read in /.../wiki/includes/on line 399 tag, got ", this may be a problem caused by a fatal error on a previous import, which leaves libxml in a wrong state across the entire server, or because another PHP script on the same server disabled entity loader (PHP bug).

It can be used to generate a SQL dump from the XML file (for later use with ) as well as for importing into the database directly.

It is a lot faster than import Dump.php, however, it only imports the revisions (page contents), and does not update the internal link tables accordingly -- that means that category pages and many special pages will show incomplete or incorrect information unless you update those tables.

A program turns that data into feeds that get pulled by other programs.