Start Updating zone file serial number convention

Updating zone file serial number convention

Zone transfer to zone slave(s) will, in the event of zone file changes, occur only if the serial number of the SOA RR is arithmetically greater that the previous one (as defined by RFC 1982).

The simple fix is to increment the date again to 2003030100 and keep using the sequence number until the correct date is reached (tomorrow in this case).

indicates a DNS node tree and will typically start a DNS zone file.

60 A 2.106 3600 TXT "v=spf1 includespf.~all" mail 14400 A 2.106 vpn 60 A 216.1 webapp 60 A 216.1 webapp 60 A 216.0 CNAME

This page provides an alternative to ritual suicide if you manage to get the serial number incorrect on an SOA RR.

The serial number field of the SOA RR can take any value but many users, by convention, use a date format most commonly defined to be yyyymmddss where yyyy is the four-digit year number, mm is the two-digit month number, dd is the two-digit day within month number, and ss is a two-digit sequence number within the day.

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A Domain Name System (DNS) zone file is a text file that describes a DNS zone.