Start Validating competency

Validating competency

Canned tools often fail as they do not provide ownership to the participants and fail to account for the different cultures, climates, and nuances found in every organization.

Be careful when building professional competencies for leaders.

Unlike fish, which die when they are out of the water, leaders who are out of their territory often bring new insights and freshness to the organizations they are leading.

You might have to go through this process several times until the Focus Team is satisfied with the end results.

The main reason for performing this exercise is that the team probably listed too many competencies to be easily evaluated.

After they have gone through a complete brainstorming session and have created a list of competencies, you can then show them the Pyramid of Leadership or another list of competencies for comparison.

In Stage-Two, the members of the team identify the major behavioral indicators for each competency that must be performed to produce the desired outputs.

Going through each competency, list the major behavioral indicators (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes [KSA]) needed for superior performance (normally between two to four).