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Vegetarian dating meat eater

This practice is so common psychologists have a name for it: cognitive dissonance.

And don't even get us started on all the waterways polluted by livestock waste. So if we believe that certain animals deserve to not be eaten, why eat different animals just because we never got close to them?

Choose a category (like "Lentil Mania"), and then see several complete recipes, all on the same page. VRG is impressive -- they offer a free email newsletter, write & publish their own exceptionally practical books, have a guide to raising a vegetarian family, produce lesson plans for teachers, and more. From an online store to articles about animals, nutrition, and the environment, they're clearly trying to cover everything. A lead article starts, "Ball Park Franks may plump when you cook 'em, but a recent batch may also kill you when you eat 'em..." A recipe collection, activist updates, their own interview with Howard Lyman, what more do you want?

They bill themselves as a "vegetarian portal", and that's pretty accurate. The slogan on their site is "Disparaging meat since 1997"!

If we do decide to go there occasionally with one another, it’s generally pretty safe.

As a vegetarian, you might have a tough time knowing meat has been cooked in the same skillet as your beloved salt and pepper tofu.

A fair look at the evidence shows that humans are optimized for eating mostly or exclusively plant foods, according to the best evidence: our bodies.

We're most similar to other plant-eaters, and drastically different from carnivores and true omnivores.

Downsides: Tons of annoying advertising, and mean-spiritedness towards perceived enemies (in the editorial, but especially in the Comments sections).