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Who is adam brody dating

En 2001, il rejoint la distribution de la dernière saison de Roswell et devient l'époux d'Isabel (Katherine Heigl) jusqu'à la fin de la série.

They’re making the same expression and they look like they could be related!

“They were always close and friendly,” the insider added, noting that the pair would hang out on occasion during shooting for the film. He was most recently linked to director Lorene Scafaria, who wrote Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, back in 2010.

Brody, 33, first landed in the spotlight as lovable comic book geek Seth Cohen on the WB’s hit The O. Gossip Girl actress Meester, meanwhile, previously dated actor Aaron Himelstein, though the 26-year-old parted ways with him over the holidays.

and then you're like 'oh wait, I still don't.'" It’s this transition that their characters Sasha and Paige have to navigate in and despite their opposite personality traits, they are still each other's "go-to person" in the flick.