Start Who is bi rain dating 2016

Who is bi rain dating 2016

Please take care of KTH and take care of her beautiful smile. You made me fall in love with your acting in "Full House" and up to this moment, You are still my first love in the Korean Entertainment World. You're such a versatile actor and a very athletic man. I love watching him on stage, in dramas and movies.

I saw him, in Ninja Assassin these days before, and I've started to research about him!

Truth be told, a lot of your fans had hopes for a Ninja Assassin sequel..I guess the time has passed for that.

Personally, I've think you could play anything from a serial womanizer, a serial killer (think Ted Bundy...a real life American serial killer who was good-looking for his time thereby allowing him the opportunity to kill as many women as he did), a dancer....yeah, I know but truly you could (think something like Salsa which starred Darco Rosa or Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze)...a period piece I'd like to see you try a historical piece.

He sings from the heart and I can feel it in his songs, I think that is very important as an artist. its like u r careless but doing each and every thing in a good way lover boy... love, Selvi congratulation rain your drama "diamond lover" has reached 1.8 billion views in china and rating are going good as well. rain I hope all drama and movies you do become successful like diamond lover and ninja assassin.

I'm sure Bi is probably exhausted from the Squall concerts but I can't wait to see what you have in stored for 2016. I pray for all your success in all ur albums, drama, movies, etc... CLOUD FOREVER hi your My Lovely Girl is still shown here in the Philippines and it will end this coming friday june 19 and its the first experience watching YOU in a TV...

Whether you read this post or not, I just want to sat "thank You!

You have achieved so much at such a young age and still going forward with what you do best, I hope that young people (artists) now a days would look up to you as an example. He has perfect stage charisma and I love that about him.

I hope you will see this posting and will comeback to fans like me with something spectacular!!!!